Diana Pallas, stop-motion animator

Who am I ?

A creative entrepreneur with the intense passion for anything related to food. Originally from Spain and currently based in France, I've been working as a freelance food photographer the last 7 years. With a background in Media and Communication, I've a multidisciplinary profile that combines audiovisual production, graphic design and photography. My creative spark, attention to detail, and keen sense of composition has allowed me to gain a broad international client list including Tasty Bite, Lunch Bots, St.Ives, and Handmade Charlotte.

Diana Pallas, stop-motion animator

Why did I bacame a food photographer ?

For me food it’s a great part of everybody’s life. First of all, it is one of the aspects most important of culture. No matter what type of celebration or who we are celebrating with, there is always a common theme: food is the main attraction! From catching up for coffee, relaxing over dinner with family, or chating with friends at a BBQ, for me it’s so hard to imagine getting together without the company of food. Other of my passion always has been photography. When I started to discover all those black and White photographies of Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus or Elliot Erwit, I was just so fascinated and amazed by them. So I guess becoming a food photographer was just so natural for me. It was the way to pair up my two favorites things, and make a living of it.

Diana Pallas, stop-motion animator

Personal Projects

This photo-project is about a great friendship born over 10 years ago in Barcelona. My good friend Katharina Fitz (photographer and visual artist from Austria) and I communicate through images since over five years to share moments of our lives. "Our Point of View" project aims to show the differences and / or similarities between the different countries of the European Union through the images of two photographers, who represent their own environment and cultural reality through images of their daily lives.


I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me for bookings, questions or comments by sending me an email.


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