My name is Diana Pallas, a freelance designer and photographer specialized in content creation for food and lifestyle brands. My specialty : food stopmotion animation

Who am I ?

I am a creative entrepreneur with an intense passion for food. Spanish by origin and currently based in France- I have been working as a freelance food photographer for the last 7 years. With a background in Media and Communications, I have a multidisciplinary profile that combines audiovisual production, graphic design and photography. My creative spark, attention to detail and a keen sense of composition has allowed me to gain a broad client portfolio including: Carrefour, Tasty Bite, Lunch Bots, St. Ives or Handmade Charlotte.

Get to know me better reading this interview from a couple of years ago in Lorraine Magazine.

Why did I bacame a food photographer?

Food makes up a greater part of everyone’s lives and is the single most important aspect of culture. No matter the occassion- food rounds us up and unites us to celebrate! From catching up over a coffee, relaxing over family dinner, or lazying with friends at a BBQ, I find it hard to imagine getting together to socialise without the presence of food. The other passion of mine has always been photography. I was fascinated by black and white photographs of Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus or Elliot Erwit and was just so amazed by their work. Becoming a food photographer was thus a natural flow to me. Like a synergy it was a way of pairing up my two favorites things and making a living out of it.

I'm a freelance photographer specialized in food stop-motion animation


I have worked with : Carrefour, Lunch Bots, Tasty Bite, Chateau Roubine, Domaine Guffens-Heynen, Champagnes Nicolas Feuillatte, St. Ives, Handmade Charlotte, Frac Lorraine, Unio de Llauradors de Valencia, Punt de sabor, La Perceuse.

I make food stopmotion videos recipes

This is my personal photo project

Personal Projects

“Our Point of View” photo-project is about a great friendship born 15 years ago in Barcelona. An Austrian born artist and a very dear friend of mine- Katharina Fitz and I communicate through photographs to share the moments of our daily lives. This project aims to draw the differences and similarities between several European Union countries and their respective environmental and cultural realities.